Our Story

All about TRUST

Over the years, we have been asking ourselves these questions

  • Are the supplements we are using really working?
  • Can we trust the ingredients to be of top quality?
  • Can we trust the labels of all the main stream supplements which are flooding the market – is it safe to use?
  • Are the products being sold in supermarkets, clothing stores and garages really developed to deliver on all they promise and claim?
  • Have the actual needs of the athlete been the main driver behind the product?
  • Millions are spent on fancy marketing and labelling – is the budget spent on these products making sense?
  • Can we trust that the manufacturing facility is of top-class and complies to WADA standards and other food, safety and health regulations?
  • Will the owners of these market-flooding-main-stream-commercialised products use it themselves, if they were really serious about performance and health?
  • Athletes put in hours of hard work, sweat and dedication into their sporting careers and spend a lot of their hard earned money on these supplements. Is this booming supplement industry really a success story from an athletes perspective?
  • Can we trust that the product won’t cause sickness and/or upset stomachs?
  • Can we trust that the taste is exceptional?



Are we?

  • Doctors or Dietitians– NO
  • Professors – NO
  • Scientists – NO
  • Owners of a laboratory or manufacturing facility – NO
  • Olympian or Professional athletes – NO

We are a bunch of very active, energetic, extremely passionate and competitive people who strive to live life to its fullest in everything we do.

We fuel ourselves on the belief that this is what GOD created us to be.

A great part of this is to destroy all personal limits and be the best athlete each of us can possibly be.

To reach this goal, we realised, that we’ll have to bridge the TRUST GAP regarding performance nutrition.

We did that by

  • Applying years of experience and knowledge
  • Consulting / partnering / working with all the above-mentioned professionals
  • Research
  • Tests and athlete feedback
  • Own use / testing
  • A lot of passion and dedication added to the above and now we have KEY360 PERFORMANCE NUTRITION